The Coolbawn house and the glowing spirit

The Coolbawn house and the glowing spirit
13 March 2024 J.W.H

On one occasion, a maid at Coolbawn House in Ireland was struck by lightning while standing at certainly one of the windows and died. Since then, he has been haunting the old mansion, which today is just a decaying destroy.

Set within the quiet great thing about County Wexford, Ireland, Coolbawn House stands as a solemn testament to a bygone era – a haunting reminder of a dark and eerie history that continues to captivate the imagination of those that dare to enterprise near it. Amidst crumbling partitions and faded grandeur, Coolbawn House hides a sinister history that has earned it a fame as one of the crucial haunted places in Ireland.

The two-story constructing had a basement and had a characteristic T-shaped layout. The house had been empty since 1883 and was occasionally utilized in 1911. Unfortunately, it was sold in 1917 and later in 1923 it suffered a hearth, which left it in ruins. .

There is not any roof and there are octagonal granite chimneys. The outer partitions are partially covered with ivy or vines, and have pillars with pinnacles within the corners. The essential entrance has a square doorway with a granite door frame.

Inside the home, most of it’s in ruins, but you possibly can still see remnants of the unique structure, including the staircase. The home is surrounded by overgrown land, and there are wrought iron balustrades around all the perimeter.

This home is historically significant, designed by Frederick Darley Junior and representative of early nineteenth century County Wexford architecture. Despite its ruined condition, it retained its architectural value.

Beneath the crumbling façade of Coolbawn House lies a story that unfolds like a chilling Gothic tale of a house abandoned in 1883.

Ghost in lightning

Before then, nevertheless, Coolbawn House was a bustling residence. It was during this auspicious era that a tragedy occurred that was each mysterious and ominous. As the story goes, one fateful evening, a maid was tragically struck by lightning while standing at a window that was a frame the scale of a house.

This horrific incident ceaselessly marked the home and its surroundings with an eerie aura, imprinting the servant's presence inside the very fabric of Coolbawn House. Witnesses tell of her apparition standing at the identical window – a ghostly figure who’s all the time the world beyond her.

Still as ruins, the legend of the maid's ghost haunts the shell of the window where she once met her end.

Coolbawn's house today

Today the ruins of Coolbawn House stand as a witness to a past of each grandeur and darkness because it burned down in 1923 and now only its shell stays, overlooking the Blackstairs Mountains. Like many other British-owned mansions, it was burned down by the IRA through the Civil War.

The green now takes the stone and reclaims it with the green. As the wind whispers through the crumbling chambers and the shadows play tricks on the imagination, the home continues to lure those wanting to discover its eerie secrets.


Featured image: Mike Searle / Coolbawn's House (2) / CC BY-SA 2.0 /Wikimedia Commons

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