Spooky shadows at Dwarka Sector 9 metro station and the haunted Peepal tree

Spooky shadows at Dwarka Sector 9 metro station and the haunted Peepal tree
26 May 2024 J.W.H

There are rumors circulating near the trendy Delhi metro station that your complete area of ​​Dwarka Sector 9 metro station is haunted. Some say the haunting comes from the Peepal Tree, which has been growing there for a very long time and attracts spirits.

Among the bustling streets of Delhi there may be a spot shrouded in darkness – a spot where the veil between the realms of the living and the dead grows thin and the whispers of the supernatural echo through the night.

In Dwarka Sector 9 (द्वारका सेक्टर 9) you’ll find the temple near the metro station which is on the blue line of the Delhi Metro. Many people claim that the metro station itself is haunted, but this is just not entirely true, as the encircling area is taken into account haunted. Outside the Dada Bai Wala Mandir temple is a peepal tree that is alleged to be haunted by a ghost.

Dwarka Metro Station Sector 9: Although Dwarka Sector 9 metro station is a comparatively recent metro station, it has already gathered many stories of haunted ghosts which might be said to occur in its area. Many of them focus on the nearby Peepal Tree, and a few legends look like much older than the train station itself. // Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Peepal tree and its haunting origin story in India

The Peepal tree, also generally known as the sacred fig, is revered in Hindu culture and can also be generally known as ashvattha in India. People often pray to him and lightweight diyas and incense sticks under the tree to do away with all of the doshas of their horoscopes. The belief that a tree has divine power comes from the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna said: “I am the Peepal tree among other trees.” It is believed that Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma also live contained in the trees.

Holy Fig: In India and Hinduism, the Peepal tree is usually called Ashwatta and is of great importance. The same will be said about Buddhism, called the Bodhi tree since it was there that the Buddha achieved enlightenment. There are also quite a few superstitions surrounding the tree.

Also in Buddhism, this tree has great significance and is generally known as the Bodhi tree because Gautam Buddha is believed to have achieved enlightenment while meditating under the tree. Apart from being sacred, there are numerous legends and superstitions surrounding this mysterious tree.

On the opposite side of the divine connection, the Peepal tree can also be haunted and attracts spirits, similar to the tree growing in Sector 9 of Dwarka.

There is an old myth that should you sleep under a peepal tree at night you will notice a ghost and it is just not nearly this tree as many aged peepal trees have ghost stories related to them. But could there be more to it than simply old stories and gossip?

It can also be value noting the scientific justification for the spiritual phenomena that supposedly occur during an evening under certainly one of these trees and that they will be explained by easy biology. During the day, the tree absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen because of the sun. However, at night it releases carbon dioxide, which lowers the extent of oxygen needed for humans to breathe.

This process could cause suffocation, result in hallucinations, and within the worst cases even death. Could this be the rationale why there are such a lot of stories involving seeing ghosts, hearing voices, and even achieving some type of enlightenment?

The legend of the murdered student

According to local legend, the origins of the station's haunting date back to the tragic death of an area schoolgirl – a death that unleashed a torrent of supernatural activity on Delhi's unsuspecting souls.

Most sources don’t specify when this happened. Some say it was in 2004 when a young schoolgirl was hit by a taxi while heading towards the station. This version, nevertheless, seems unlikely since the metro station was first opened in 2006.

But whether something unrelated to the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station happened or whether the 12 months was simply given incorrectly is unknown.

A very eerie specter is an old woman wearing white, not a schoolgirl, whose ghostly figure suddenly materializes in the midst of the road in front of a subway station, only to vanish into the darkness a moment later.

Legend in regards to the construction of the road

Another legend has it that this alleged old woman in white is said to the Peepal tree outside the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station. According to the story, the contractor was haunted in his dreams while he was working on the road and desired to remove the tree.

After the haunting and construction staff noticed something disturbing in regards to the tree, they decided to go away it and as an alternative built a temple near the tree.

Holy Fig on the road: This is a tree near Dwarka Sector 9 metro station that has been said to have attracted ghosts through the years. What could possibly be the rationale for Peepal Tree haunting? // Source

The spirit of a freedom fighter

Another theory was that the ghost dates back to the British Raj and that the tree is way older than many consider, perhaps a whole lot of years old. The story is ready within the nineteenth century, when the Dwarka region was a dense forest utilized by rebels fighting against the colonial power.

There was a lake near the tree. One of the rebels was a girl who was hiding within the forest, but she drowned in a lake near a tree. Her body was never found, but her spirit became attached to the tree and is alleged to guard the world to at the present time.

This could also be a seemingly random origin story for hauntings in the world, however the forestry department has actually investigated several claims illegal cutting and destruction the remaining trees of the once dense forest.

Haunting at Dwarka Sector 9 metro station

But what do these haunting stories seem like today to people passing through the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station area, despite the origin story?

Most of the stories from this area got here from people traveling in call center taxis at night. Witnesses report spine-chilling encounters with unseen forces, describing feeling struck by unseen energy and encountering apparitions that appear and disappear and not using a trace.

Many stories also tell how this girl's spirit ran after cars, perhaps as revenge for being hit and killed by one. There isn’t any telling what is going to occur if it catches up with the cars, but there are numerous reports of knocking being heard on the cars. Many road accidents are attributed to this phenomenon.

Others walking along the road near the station report feeling an ominous shadow trailing behind them, its invisible presence casting a shadow of fear into the night.

Another highlight of this alleged haunted place is that there are numerous different variations of who’s haunting what happened. A magical investigator once contacted a rickshaw driver who told him that he often encouraged ghost stories since it was good for business and at night they may charge more from curious individuals who got here in search of ghosts. According to this rickshaw driver, people pay so much to come back for fake job interviews and lie in regards to the place.


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