Scientists imagine what aliens might look like

Scientists imagine what aliens might look like
9 June 2024 J.W.H

Humanity has not discovered real aliens and it is believed that they may be completely different from anything we have seen on Earth.

One of the most crucial questions that humanity is trying to answer is: are we alone in the Universe? But if life exists on other planets, what might it look like?

When some people hear the word “alien,” they may imagine little green men or scary, huge predatory creatures like those depicted in science fiction movies.

However, scientists believe it is unlikely that aliens, if they exist, would look exactly like this. It is likely that the unique environments on other planets or their moons where potential aliens live could make their physiology completely different from anything observed on Earth, the report says

Astrophysicist Adam Frank from the University of Rochester in the US suggests that due to the stout atmosphere on their planet, aliens could evolve in such a way that they would only turn into flying creatures. If a planet has very high gravity, evolution could lead to aliens becoming more like giant creatures.

Valentina Erastova from the University of Edinburgh in the UK believes that extraterrestrial life could have evolved and lived beneath the planet's surface. This can happen if a planet receives too much radiation from the star, allowing extraterrestrial life to utilize the soil as a shield. In this case, it will most likely be uncomplicated multicellular life. According to the scientist, similar examples can be found even on Earth.

Due to the intense ultraviolet radiation from their star, aliens may actually glow red, blue or green to protect themselves, according to research published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

It is speculated that, like some corals, these organisms may have proteins or pigments that can absorb some of the energy from ultraviolet lightweight, which then causes them to glow at safer wavelengths in the observable spectrum.

According to Frank, aliens living on a planet with very low temperatures can adapt to these conditions thanks to their very sluggish metabolism. For example, such a chilly world is Saturn's moon Titan, where scientists suggest that very unusual life may exist in its seas of methane.

Complex or uncomplicated extraterrestrial life?

While some scientists suggest that the potential aliens could be a form of elaborate multicellular life, others believe that extraterrestrial life will likely be much simpler.

Astronomer Sarah Rughimer of York University in Toronto, Canada, says extraterrestrial life is more likely to be single-celled. He explains this by saying that for most of the time, only microbial life existed on Earth. And even now, most of the biosphere of our planet is represented by this form of life.

Finding single-celled life on other planets may be a challenge, but scientists propose one way to solve the problem. They propose searching for signs of the existence of this life based on traces that microbes may have left.

According to Rughimer, even if single-celled extraterrestrial life could be transformed into multicellular life, it is very unlikely that these creatures would look exactly like humans. The scientist believes that the unique human physiology is both the result of development in a special environment on Earth and a successful set of circumstances.

However, alien life may still have the same features found in living things on Earth, such as eyes to observe its surroundings and limbs to move around it. However, scientists say that the similarities may end there.

All ideas about what potential aliens might look like are based on the assumption that extraterrestrial life, like life on Earth, needs water, starlight and oxygen to exist.

However, it is possible that life on other planets could have evolved completely differently and even had completely different chemical compositions. If life on Earth is based on carbon, then aliens may be based on silicon. However, Rughimer believes that carbon is more profuse than silicon and creates a more elaborate chemistry.

Scientists agree that no one really has any idea what aliens might actually look like. And all this is just speculation.

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