Psychic Places in America – Haunted Journeys – Travel Channel

Psychic Places in America – Haunted Journeys – Travel Channel
12 March 2024 J.W.H

Psych hotlines? Psychic readers in store? Miss Cleo? This is old news. Today, psychics and spirit mediums have come a great distance from the eye-rolling of the past. In some cases, psychics have even grow to be as necessary as personal trainers and therapists in the event you notice a friend speed dialing. Thanks to popular TV shows like The Dead Files, there’s a worldwide New Age trend where fortune tellers are taken far more seriously – very like those places within the US where many live and gather. Discover essentially the most magical places in America.

New Orlean

As essentially the most famous clairvoyant from New Orleans, Cari Roy, says: “It is something here in New Orleans…why else would people build something in the swamp?” Add to that a history of massive hurricanes, yellow fever, catastrophic fires and epidemics, and yet there’s nothing stopping New Orleans from coming back stronger each time. Could it’s something supernatural? resistance?

Most of the perfect psychics in New Orleans work off Bourbon Street – real psychics don't need a booth at Bourbon, especially at only $5 a reading. They can often be reached by word of mouth. In a city filled with believers, it would be difficult for you to not get recommendations from the locals.

Stay: Live in Monteleone, known for an incredible amount of paranormal phenomena. An orphaned boy from the tip of the nineteenth century was seen among the many ghosts. Before you go, learn in regards to the history of New Orleans' haunted hotels and book one in the event you dare!

Best fortune teller to see: Look for Royclairvoyant for 30 years and guest of popular media comparable to Today's programA&E and Travel Channel.


Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

For hundreds of years, Native American tribes considered the Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona, so sacred that nobody was ever speculated to live there. Times have modified a bit: Sedona is now a bustling tourist center with a population of two,500. However, it can’t be denied that Sedona continues to draw travelers and psychics with its healing power of body and spirit.

According to believers, vortexes of strong energy points emanate from the Red Rocks. There are also many clairvoyants living in the realm, whether or not they are clairvoyants working from their homes or tarot card readers at a spiritual shop comparable to Mystical Bazaar. Is also Sedona Mental Health Centerwhere 6 to 10 diviners are arrange for reading stations throughout the day.

Stay: Sedona InnA captivating resort known for its rustic villas and apartments, it’s situated near essentially the most unexplained whirlpools.

Best fortune teller to see: Claudia Coronado, a pastor at Universal Life Church who often works outside the house.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has essentially the most points of power within the United States (24, actually!). Proponents consider the vortexes are directly related to crystal-quartz formations within the Blue Ridge Mountains (allegedly weighing trillions of tons), which act like a psychic magnet.

The mountain ranges situated here (Blue Ridge and Great Smokies) are among the many oldest on Earth (over 400 million years old). The swirls may explain town's emerging spiritual scene. Certainly, the many yoga studios and metaphysical shops are transforming Asheville right into a New Age mecca. Even the famous psychic Page Bryant felt a spiritual need to go away Sedona, Arizona and go to Asheville. She wrote a whole metaphysical book, The Spiritual Awakening of the Great Smoky Mountainsin regards to the area.

Stay: Grove Park Inn Resort, together with its underground spa, has been considered a healing place for many years. The hotel's spa offers an aura imaging add-on that enables guests to get colourful images of their “aura.” The hotel can also be said to be haunted by the Pink Lady, a former guest who died mysteriously within the Twenties.

Best fortune teller to see: Each of the intuitive readers on A distant place spirituality shop, although Patricia Busbee is touted as the perfect.

Lily Dale Museum

billrock54, Flickr

Lily Dale, New York

Lily Dale, New York

Lily Dale, New York has only 275 residents, 45 of whom are certified clairvoyants. This spiritualist community in southwestern New York has been attracting people since its founding within the late 1800s Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly.

Today this community hosts meetings and seminars all year long on mediumship, spiritualistic studies, healing services and the paranormal. Guest lecturers included John Edward, James Van Praagh and Deepak Chopra. Approximately 15,000 people attend the convention all year long. Many also go to the nearby village of Cassadaga, founded many years before Lily Dale, which provides educational and research programs on the metaphysical world.

Stay: All of town's Victorian guesthouses are equally charming, but make sure you check them out The jewel of the lake guesthouse, a cushty 9-bedroom guesthouse with exceptional service.

Best fortune teller to see: Neal Rzepkowski (, registered psychic and physician.

Cassadaga, Florida

There isn’t any strange coincidence between Cassadaga, New York and Cassadaga, Florida: New Yorkers from Cassadaga fled to this small Florida town in the course of the cold winter months, founding it in 1894. Their traditions proceed today thanks Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. The community is small, with only just a few hundred inhabitants, but tourists are available droves, searching for answers and consulting with the perfect clairvoyants in a friendly atmosphere.

There are loads of whirlpools in Cassadaga. Legend has it that Native Americans initially led settlers to this unique place – today a few 30-minute drive from Orlando. The best place is a cult place Hotel Cassadaga, a historic site inbuilt 1927 that’s home to an earthly spirit named Arthur (a former resident whom guests still see). The hotel hosts sessions twice every week, conducted by certified experts.

Stay: Hotel Cassadaga for history, alcohol, séances, the perfect inner fortune tellers and tea leaf reading classes.

Best fortune teller to see: Torré, the most effective fortune tellers in the realm, who offers readings on the hotel.

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