The application of lasers in ghost detection is a relatively recent development within paranormal investigation.
Lasers, primarily used for scientific and industrial purposes, began to be incorporated into ghost hunting equipment in the late 20th century and gained prominence in the early 21st century.
Ghost hunters adopted laser grids and pointers to create visible beams or grids in dark environments, theorizing that spectral entities might disrupt or interact with these patterns.
The rationale behind this usage was that any interruption or disturbance in the laser grid could potentially indicate the presence of an unseen entity.
Laser Grid Pens are an integral component of a paranormal investigator’s toolkit, although their effectiveness relies on collaboration with other tools and equipment.
It’s crucial to avoid relying solely on the grid pen for claims of a haunting. Instead, when used in conjunction with video cameras, EMF detectors, EVP recorders, and various other tools, it contributes to piecing together potential evidence of a paranormal presence.
These pens emit thousands of laser dots, typically in green, into a darkened area, resembling a cat’s laser toy on a larger scale.
When used during tours or investigations, maintaining a stable laser grid and observing for disruptions or changes in light helps identify potential disturbances, indicating the possible presence of an entity.
However, it’s important not to assert a haunting based solely on grid disruptions without additional corroborating evidence from other tools.
For a better understanding of its use, visual references such as those provided in videos can be immensely helpful in interpreting the observed phenomena.