Video Camera


The history of video camera usage in ghost detection can be traced back to the advent of portable video recording technology in the late 20th century.
As video cameras became more accessible and affordable, paranormal investigators started incorporating them into their investigations as a means to capture potential evidence of ghostly activity.
The ability to visually document and record paranormal phenomena provided a new level of credibility and objectivity to the field of ghost detection. This led to the rise of ghost hunting television shows and the popularization of video camera usage in paranormal investigations.
Over the years, advancements in video camera technology, such as improved low-light capabilities and high-definition recording, have further enhanced the ability to capture and analyze potential ghostly manifestations.
Today, video cameras are an integral tool in ghost detection, allowing investigators to review and scrutinize footage for any unexplained occurrences or anomalies.
The ongoing development of video camera technology continues to push the boundaries of what can be captured and analyzed, providing researchers with valuable insights into the world of the supernatural.