Haunted episode of death

Haunted episode of death
3 June 2024 J.W.H

There is a road in Extremadura, Spain that has been called the Death Section because of all the accidents that are said to occur. However, there is a legend that one of the accidents resulted in a death that was never discovered. Now this place is haunted by a victim trying to tell the truth.

Spain is notable for its pretty and scenic roads that wind through the countryside and mountains. However, there is one road in Spain that is not so picturesque and definitely not for the lackluster of heart.

The road is called “Death Stretch' and has a history of ghost sightings and strange occurrences that people have linked to the supernatural. The reason for the alleged haunted road is said to lie at the bottom of a nearby lagoon.

Death Stretch

In the Extremadura region of Spain, a place full of secrets and stories of ghosts and macabre. This place is landlocked, borders Portugal and has the lowest population density in Spain. This is a breeding ground for ghost stories like this place here.

On a 2-kilometer stretch of road between Pozuelo de Zarzon and Monthermoso, crosses and flowers were placed on the sides of the roads after many fatal accidents, hence the name: Section of Death.

What makes this road so risky?

Why do so many meet their end at this particular point on the road? Most supposedly haunted roads have something risky about them, such as a keen turn or a murky and narrow road with penniless visibility. There are no risky curves on the Death Section, as is often the case on these supposedly haunted roads, but a straight line with a good view of what lies ahead.

People traveling on this road claim that the reason is the monotony of the route and road, which reduces drivers' attention to dangers.

However, local legend says that something paranormal is happening in this place.

Hit and run of a girl thrown into a lagoon

One local legend tells a disturbing story about the dangers of walking on this stretch of road.

On one occasion, a local 17-year-old girl was hit and killed on the death strip by a car that was not driving carefully. The people who hit her panicked, they didn't want to get caught and face the consequences of their actions. They decided to cover up the crime and threw her body into a nearby lagoon.

Her body was never found because, according to legend, it is still at the bottom of the lagoon. Her murder and her perpetrators were never found, and she felt as if she had simply disappeared off the face of the earth. Or maybe she?

Because of this, the dead girl came back to haunt the place, trying to get the attention of drivers and assist her find her body in the lagoon into which she was thrown.

Red spots on the road that never wash away

Another terrifying detail of the site are the red signs that people believe supernaturally stained the road after the accident to show what happened.

There are several red stains on the Asphalt on the Death Section which could not be removed by any cleaning agents or weathering. Could it just be iron oxide from the sidewalk, or maybe red blood from an accident that never seems to go away?


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