Ghost Lady in white sari from Delhi Cantt

Ghost Lady in white sari from Delhi Cantt
17 May 2024 J.W.H

It is claimed that when darkness falls in town of Delhi Cantt, ghosts appear. Several residents reported the ghost of a girl wearing a white sari approaching cars and asking for a ride. It's unclear where she's going, but if you happen to tell her no, she's said to come back after you.

The a part of Delhi called Delhi Cantonment or just Delhi Cantt is positioned in the guts of New Delhi and is a bustling center of activity through the day. There are many defense and military buildings and schools in Delhi Cantt.

This a part of Delhi is claimed to be the safest area. However, when the sun sets and night falls, a distinct sort of activity occurs – eerie and spooky.

With all these military forces, you’d think that Delhi Cantt could be calm. However, in line with local reports, this just isn’t the case in any respect. The over 10,000-acre area near Dhaula Kaun is known for its spooky legends with tales of the supernatural and sightings of apparitions and unexplained phenomena.

Woman in white sari

Legend has it that the world around Delhi Cantt is haunted by a middle-aged woman wearing a white sari. He is claimed to have gray hair, and a few sources even say that he apparently has hairy arms.

It just isn’t certain why she is claimed to be wearing a white sari, nevertheless, many ghost stories involve a girl wearing a white sari. In India, and particularly in Hinduism, white can also be the colour of mourning and is traditionally worn by many widows. The white sari can also be said to represent purity, innocence and spirituality. This, combined with the incontrovertible fact that most up-to-date ghosts around the globe wear white, makes this trope especially common.

Spooky Tales from Delhi Cantt

Coming back to this particular ghost story, there are some variations in reports and sightings. Some say it comes out of the luxurious and green areas, some say it just wanders along the roads, most reports indicate it’s between 1am and 4am.

He is claimed to walk along the roads and ask for a ride as night falls over the world. Apparently many call centers in the world advised their employees to never stop their automobile or give anyone a ride.

If you refuse to provide her a ride, she is claimed to follow the automobile and even match its speed, so you may't overtake her.

It is claimed that she is the ghost of a girl who died on the route while she was going somewhere. Perhaps on the road in a automobile accident, or perhaps within the green forest where people claim it comes from. Where we don't know, but he's clearly still attempting to get there.


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