Could these be extraterrestrial life forms?

Could these be extraterrestrial life forms?
16 March 2024 J.W.H

Mermaids are mythical creatures which have fascinated people for hundreds of years. They are often depicted as half-human, half-fish living within the oceans and having magical powers.

But what if mermaids usually are not just legends, but actually real? What in the event that they don't come from Earth but come from one other planet?

This may sound like wild speculation, but some researchers suggest that mermaids could also be a type of extraterrestrial life that has adapted to Earth's aquatic environment.

They argue that mermaids could have arrived on Earth thousands and thousands of years ago, either by accident or on purpose, and evolved to mix in with marine life. They could have developed intelligence, culture, language and technology, but remained hidden from human civilization.

One of the principal supporters of this theory is Dr. Paul Robertson, a former marine biologist who claims to have evidence of the existence of mermaids. He says he used a special underwater microphone and camera to record sounds and pictures of mermaids. He also says that he witnessed mermaids attacking people and other animals and that the federal government is hiding the reality.

Dr. Robertson's claims are controversial and lots of experts have dismissed them as hoaxes or misinterpretations. However, he just isn’t the just one who believes in the potential of the existence of mermaid aliens.

Some ancient cultures, equivalent to the Sumerians and Babylonians, depicted mermaids as gods or messengers from the celebrities. Some modern UFO enthusiasts also suggest that mermaids could also be related to the mysterious USOs (unidentified submerged objects) which might be sometimes reported within the oceans.

Of course, there is no such thing as a clear proof that mermaids exist, let alone that they’re aliens. But there is no such thing as a definitive proof that this just isn’t the case. The oceans are vast and largely unexplored, and their depths may hold many secrets.


Although human technology was not developed 1000’s of years ago, strangely enough, many legends containing similar stories were passed down between different civilizations that lived far apart. For example, many religions claim that the world began in chaos and describe the Great Flood.

There can be a singular legend all over the world about creatures called mermaids. In 1931, French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen discovered a gaggle of relatively primitive “Dogon” living in West Africa near the Niger Bend.

Initially, Griaule was fascinated by the Dogon culture because not only did they know biological anatomy well, but they even had their very own astronomical calendar. But what surprised Griaule much more was that they already knew concerning the existence of Sirius B greater than 3,000 years ago. Sirius B is a white dwarf 8.6 light-years away from Earth.

Because Sirius B is positioned next to “Sirius A”, which is several times brighter and bigger, Sirius B just isn’t visible to the naked eye by humans on Earth.

In fact, it was not until 1862 that humans first faintly saw Sirius B through a telescope, but on account of technological limitations on the time, it was not until 1928 that humans fully understood Sirius B. However, the Dogon knew about it 3,000 years ago!

The only difference was that as an alternative of calling him Sirius B, the Dogon called him Po Tolo. The Dogon priest told Griaule that although that they had not seen Sirius B, they knew that it could emit a white glow and orbit Sirius A in an elliptical orbit once every 50 years. And this is precisely the identical 50 years that NASA later calculated. This is amazing.

If Sirius B just isn’t visible to the naked eye, how did the Dogon calculate this orbital cycle? The priest told Griaule that the Dogon knew all this because way back a gaggle of half-man, half-fish (also often known as fish-men) had fallen from the sky and were from Sirius B.

Bajkal lake

Formed roughly 35 million years ago, Lake Baikal, positioned in Siberia, Russia, is the biggest and deepest freshwater lake on the earth. According to declassified files of the Soviet Union, creatures we don't find out about may live on this ancient lake.

It all began in 1982. That same 12 months, the Soviet military brought a team to Lake Baikal for diving training, but strangely enough, as they were diving about 50 meters underwater, they suddenly got here across six large creatures. The thing is, aside from the helmet, the creatures weren't wearing any diving gear. Could or not it’s some latest technology invented by other countries?

The group leader decided to capture one alive, so he gestured and gave instructions, but before the team members could react, a wave of energy resembling sonar waves suddenly got here from the direction of the unknown creatures and pushed the seven divers into the water. surface.

Because this energy was too powerful, coupled with the too rapid ascent to the surface, three of the seven divers went into shock and the remainder of the team fell right into a coma. Ultimately, three members died.

The Soviet Union's most famous scientist, Vladimir Azhazh, was sent to analyze the incident, however the declassified files contained no mention of the outcomes of the investigation.

Although the outcomes weren’t published, it was enough to boost curiosity about the potential of intelligent life beneath the deep sea, and the one query was whether these underwater creatures might be the Nommo described by West African aborigines. However, as speculation continued about what underwater secrets the Soviet Union had discovered on the time.

What would occur if we tried to speak with them?

How can we know in the event that they are benevolent or evil? What would they need from us or our planet?

Communication is the idea of each relationship and often is the key to understanding and coexisting with a possible alien civilization. But communication can be a posh and demanding process, especially between different species and cultures.

To communicate with mermaids, we might first have to search out a option to make contact and signal our intentions. We would wish to make use of a medium that they’ll perceive and reply to, equivalent to sound, light or gestures.

We would also must avoid any actions that they could interpret as hostile or threatening, equivalent to approaching too fast or too close or using weapons or devices.

Then we might have to search out a option to exchange information and meaning. We would must learn their language and symbols or create a typical language that each parties could understand.

We would also have to overcome any barriers and biases that will impede our understanding or expression, equivalent to noise, distortion or prejudice.

Finally, we might have to search out a option to construct trust and relationships. We would wish to point out respect and curiosity for his or her culture and values, and share our own culture and values ​​with them.

We would also should be empathetic and work together towards their needs and interests, and seek mutual advantages and goals with them.

Communicating with mermaids is usually a rewarding and academic experience for each parties. It can open latest horizons of information and discoveries and strengthen latest bonds of friendship and cooperation.

It can also help us resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings that will arise between us and forestall any harm or violence that will occur.

But communicating with mermaids may also be a dangerous and dangerous endeavor for each parties. It may expose us to latest threats and challenges and create latest conflicts and tensions.

It can even reveal secrets and differences that will shock or offend us, or trigger reactions that will harm or hurt us.

Communicating with mermaids just isn’t a straightforward or easy task, but a posh and difficult one. It requires patience and courage, curiosity and respect, empathy and cooperation.

It also requires caution and prudence, awareness and readiness, responsibility and accountability. It's a risk that will pay off or backfire.

The mystery of mermaids just isn’t only a fantasy, but a possibility that we could have to face in the future. Whether they’re aliens or not, they’re a part of our world and we’re a part of theirs. The way we communicate with them can change our future without end.

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