children turned to the unborn for help

children turned to the unborn for help
20 May 2024 J.W.H

I hide loads of stories from readers just because they appear too far-fetched, and this story is considered one of them, but I made a decision to inform it. People can reject this story in the event that they want, or they’ll open their minds and consider the chances the story suggests.

In May 1971, Prescot resident Maureen was combing her hair back with a brush, able to put it in a braid, when she felt a small, hard lump on the back of her neck. Her husband Mike checked out it and said it looked like a bit of pearl. Maureen decided to go to the doctor.

The diagnosis was made: the lump was simply a blocked sebaceous gland. Maureen began feeling unwell and went back to the doctor just a few weeks later. He examined her again, then felt the lump on the back of her neck and have become very concerned.

He referred Maureen to a specialist at a neighborhood hospital. After several tests, the specialist determined that Maureen suffered from a cancer called Hodgkinson's disease. In 1971, the treatment for the disease was radiotherapy and Maureen was soon admitted to Clatterbridge Hospital. Mike traveled from Prescot to the hospital every single day to see his beloved wife.

Maureen had two children, Katie, seven, and Thomas, 13, they usually naturally broke down when their father broke the terrible news about their mother's condition. That day, as the kids cried of their father's arms, there was a knock on the door.

There stood two tall, elegantly dressed men in black suits, white shirts and black ties. They said they were Mormon and asked Mike if he had considered the Mormon religion. Mike yelled at them and told them to hit him. He slammed the door of their faces after which returned to comfort his children.

Little Katie said, “Can someone help Mommy?”

Her dad said, “Only God now, baby.” Doctors on the hospital say that mommy could be very sick. He was so amazed that he couldn't say a word.

Katie said, “Well, then we'll just have to keep asking God.”

Maureen's condition worsened and he or she was allowed to die at home. She was put to bed in her room, where Mike had accompanied her so loyally.

On Monday, June 7, 1971, after tea, Thomas and Katie sat in front of the TV watching the kids's program Blue Peter. Hosts Peter Purviss, John Noakes and Valerie Singleton talked in regards to the so-called time capsule.

They were about to bury a metal box containing a 1971 Blue Peter vintage, some latest decimals, photos of presenters and other items. The box was alleged to be buried in Blue Peter's garden and was discovered in 2000.

Thomas was fascinated by the thought of ​​burying something that will be found perhaps 100 years or more later. In 1971, the 12 months 2000 seemed thus far away. Then he had an incredible idea. He told his father but he didn't appear to listen or understand, but his sister Katie understood the primary time.

Thomas said that if he buried a time capsule, or higher yet, three capsules with a note in each, perhaps someone would read them in the long run. If time travel becomes a reality in the long run, he could also be visited by individuals who discover a note in his time capsule.

Then Katie had an incredible idea. Perhaps they need to ask people in the long run to return back in time and heal her mother.

Thomas was intrigued by Katie's brain wave and said, “Yes, we could ask them to cure Mom.”

A biscuit tin was found with a note placed in it together with a map of Thomas showing where his house was and even his full address. A duplicate of the bill was placed in his empty Golden Virginia tobacco box that he had forged from his uncle.

Then Katie found an old tea tin and put a duplicate of the note she had made in it. The two children then went to the wide open green areas near Knowsley Hall. Thomas carried a shovel and two time capsules, and Katie carried a tea container. Three pits were dug in three places and the time capsules were buried there.

Later that day, Thomas got right into a fight when he discovered that the boy had seen him bury the last time capsule, dug it out, and brought the note it contained to high school. Thomas thought the boy was a saboteur and brutally hit him.

The principal contacted Thomas' father, Mike, showed him the note and described the fights. Mike didn't understand who the letter was intended for, and the youngsters at college made fun of Thomas, saying he was an idiot.

On Sunday afternoon, July 4 this 12 months, Thomas and his father went fishing, and Katie and her grandmother stayed at home to take care of Maureen, who was almost never conscious. At three o'clock within the afternoon, Katie's grandmother left the home to bring back a box of Quality Street chocolates that she had bought for Katie, and told her granddaughter to not open the door to anyone while she was gone.

At 3:20 p.m., the front door opened and a tall, elegantly dressed man in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie entered the hallway. Katie was very surprised, however the man's kind face and mild, dark eyes dispelled her fear. He smiled after which climbed the steps. Katie followed him and saw him enter the room after which sit on her mother's bed. He said one word in a quiet voice: “Maureen.”

The woman opened her eyes, and the stranger placed his hand on her brow for just a few seconds. He then stood up, patted Katie on the pinnacle, and left the room. When Katie went outside, she found nobody there. Her mother was now sitting on the bed and claiming to be hungry.

Katie excitedly ran to get the soup, and as she was walking down the steps, she saw her grandmother entering the home. Katie told her in regards to the man who had just left and the way he made her mother feel higher. Grandma didn't see anyone pass her on the quiet Sunday street outside.

Maureen fully recovered from Hodgkinson's disease and doctors were unable to clarify how. Mike believed that considered one of the Mormons had visited the home that Sunday and had one way or the other cured Maureen through hands-on healing.

Thomas and Katie believed that some kind man somewhere in the nice unknown future had found considered one of their time capsules from 1971 and decided to reply their pleading letter from the past.

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