A dark-haired woman haunting a road in Asturias

A dark-haired woman haunting a road in Asturias
27 May 2024 J.W.H

It is claimed that a dark-haired woman appears out of nowhere on a road in Asturias. Some say she fell from the carriage, others say she was killed by a jealous suitor. Everyone says she looks disoriented, like she's lost in time and place.

Spain is a rustic steeped in history, culture and mystery. and it is not any wonder that lots of its paths are steeped in legends and tales. There is one road that has long been often called a spot where ghosts have been seen and where drivers have experienced unexplained events.

One of essentially the most incessantly haunted sections of road in Spain is the AS-17 road between Mengollo and Blimea in Asturias.

An odd dark-haired woman in Asturias

The complaints that affect this stretch of road in Asturias are concerning the same thing and have been occurring for hundreds of years, mainly involving a dark-haired woman with long hair, looking around blankly, looking a bit confused, who suddenly appears as she comes out from behind certainly one of the signs and shows itself to shocked drivers.

Blimea Castle: A ghost on a stretch of haunted road in Asturias is usually linked to the legends of Blimea Castle and the story of the daughter Florinda who lived there.

According to legend, the spirit of this girl was Florinda, the daughter of the primary owner of the Blimea castle or possibly de la Cabezada. She was said to be very beautiful and had many suitors who wanted her hand in marriage.

The only problem was that she was in love with another person. Despite every part, her father promised her to essentially the most powerful one, Mr. La Buelga. He demanded to know who her secret lover was, but Florinda kept her mouth shut. Even when she was trapped within the tower of his castle, she didn't tell him her name. In fact, she warned him that she belonged to nobody else but her secret lover and that she would commit suicide if she couldn't have him.

There are different versions about how she ultimately died. Some say it was her malicious suitor who murdered her when she refused him on that stretch of road. Some say it was a secret lover, a servant within the castle, who stabbed her to death as she wished when she was forced to marry her lord. He then stabbed himself with the identical dagger that was still dripping together with her blood.

The tragic story of Florinda has been modified, conflated and forgotten by many through the years. However, it was often related to an odd thing a few dark-haired woman who suddenly appears on the road.

Women missing in a carriage

Further speculation as to who this ghost on the road in Asturias is comes from a version of the legend during which Florinda was a woman who, within the eleventh century, returned to her family after receiving her first communion, fell from a carriage and died.

People think that after they were passing through Valparaiso, now an abandoned city, a pack of wolves and snakes spooked the horse, so he escaped along with his parents inside.

When they finally returned, their daughter was missing and never found. What happened to her was a mystery. Is she dead? Did she go free, only to turn out to be feral, only to return because the terrible ghost of a dark-haired woman who suddenly appeared on the road?


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